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Welcome to our webpage.

Flight services: We operate both charter and sightseeing flights with our floatplane, Cessna 185, Skywagon, located in Kuopio. Kindly see below. For more info please email

Technical services: We are happy to offer you our CAMO+, ARC  and PreBuy services. Kindly send your request to

Links: - webshop for flights, gift cards


Future Sky Oy, maintenance, training and consultation services

UAS Centre Finland, drones and training and insurances

Vesilentotaxi - We Fly and you are welcome to join us -

Kuopio harbour from June to August

Adventure flight:  - Because you deserve to fly -

- Unique 30min experience, flying over city of Kuopio and surroundings

- Pre-booking rekommended

- 1 to 5 persons or max 350kg for 475€

Scenic flight: - Highlight of the day, summer or lifetime -

- Flight departure from Kuopio harbour , near Hotel Scandic.

- Enjoy a moment of flying over the city of Kuopio.

- Pre-booking available at or just drop in.

- 1 to 3 persons for 210€, additional persons + 70€, max 5 persons or 350kg

Festival flights - We give you wings to fly -

- Non-stop flights at festivals and happenings, come alone or with friends, price 70€ / person

Charter flights: - With us you would already be there -

- Flight to a chosen destination, open possibilities as long as there is 1 km of open water for take-off and landing

- 1 to 5 persons or max 350kg

- Distance reach 800km, traveling speed 180km/hr

- Price 200€ + 16€/min for the first 60minutes, thereafter price agreed separately


+358 50 572 6552

We are now closed for the season but we hope to see you on next summer 2019!


All prices incl. 10% vat

On charter flights: In case passengers also want a return flight and wish us to wait at the destination (max waiting time 3 hrs), waiting time 50€/ hr will be charged. On all charter flights a deposit of 500€ applicable.

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